About Us


JMH Aspirations Ltd was founded to provide a range of events and individual coaching opportunities to assist people to achieve their dreams and aspirations for themselves and for their businesses to thrive and succeed.

Our life and career events can be undertaken either as a course giving you the opportunity to work with others, sharing ideas and experiences or as one to one coaching sessions. Each session/event is about you as a person, your life, your career, and what you need to succeed.

Our business events are about how your organisation performs; its people, culture, teams and customer base. How your strategies deliver efficiency, performance, motivation and success. Working with teams or individual’s goals will be identified, choices will be made and the road to success will be travelled.

We use a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional delivery techniques to develop bespoke development programmes to support people and businesses to reach their ultimate success, believing that no one size fits all. As individuals, we are all unique and as companies this is also the case. Each programme is specifically designed to the needs of you and your people.
Whether it is for about a personal life path, your career, or your business you will learn through our workshops the techniques to achieve what it is you really want. You will be able to identify possibilities, make your choice and confidently plan your route to success.


Judith is a corporate specialist in leadership and management, change management, career coaching and stress management, who specialises in the development and delivery of bespoke interventions designed to reduce stress and unlock creativity in individuals and teams in all business environments. A Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, a Registered Change Management Practitioner, a qualified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapist Judith uses her unique mix of traditional and non-traditional skills and experience to support people and businesses to reach their ultimate success.

Judith and her fellow consultants are here to bring reality to your business hopes and aims. With a 100% success rate with all caseloads, there is nothing stopping you from taking that step to achieving a better business.

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